Dixon Has A New Face of Leukemia, You Could Help Save A Life

Local woman, Jacy Franceschi, was diagnosed with leukemia last week. The mother of four Dixon students needs your help in finding a bone marrow match.

Jacy Franceschi shows off her new pixie hair cut, before she loses her hair from chemo.
Jacy Franceschi shows off her new pixie hair cut, before she loses her hair from chemo.

If you don’t know Jacy Franceschi, you are missing out. She is a God-loving woman of epic spirit, mother of four, supportive fire-captain’s wife, educational leader, powerhouse of inspiration to the community and beyond, with a glowing smile larger than most.

And she has cancer.

While most would drown in a puddle of tears with a sudden diagnoses of leukemia, that is simply not her.

“I am grateful to God that he chose me and not someone else to tackle this terrible disease,” Jacy stated after her third chemotherapy dose, “I am both strong mentally and in body, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I can do this. And I’ve always wanted to try a pixie hair cut.”

After a second mission trip as a group leader to Haiti in June of this year, Jacy had been sick with several viral infections on and off, attributing them to the 200-plus students she came in contact with daily, working as a teacher’s assistant at Dixon Montessori Charter School. Finally, as her husband James put it, the last straw for superwoman was a strange bout of swollen gums and extreme exhaustion that forced her into a doctor visit.

On Wed., Nov. 20, 2013, less than one day later, 35-year old Jacy Franceschi was told she had cancer and needed to check into the hospital immediately.

Suddenly their 22-horse ranch, dog rescue shelter, and her teaching credential program took a back-burner, and fighting to live for her husband James, and children Cody, Jake, Jessica and Parker became the priority.

Jacy has devoted herself tirelessly to others as an active member of Dixon Methodist Church, a local youth sports cheerleader, exercise instructor, DMCS staff member, SPCA advocate, relief effort philanthropist for Haiti, and even as volunteer firefighter. The people of Dixon, long time friends and new acquaintances alike, have recognized this as opportunity to show the Franceschi Family what it means to be loved back.

Here’s how you can help. Blood transfusions and a bone marrow transplant are part of Jacy’s course of treatment. In response, Jacy’s Army has coordinated a bone marrow drive by Be The Match, on Sunday, Dec. 15 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Dixon Montessori Charter School, 355 North Almond Street, Dixon. A simple mouth swab could reveal you have the potential to save a life. Blood Source will also host a blood drive on Dec. 19 at the Veteran’s Hall, 1305 North First Street.

As of 2010 because of new treatments and bone marrow donors 56% of those diagnosed have survived 5 years or more. If survived five-years or more in remission many are considered cured even though testing will continue indefinitely. 

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it all begins with you," says Jacy's husband James, "So please, its a small moment during your average weekend and it could possibly save a life."

An account has been established for donations to help the family at First Northern Bank under the name Jacy Franceschi.


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