Stockton Woman's 'Family Feud' Performance 'Worst Ever'

Credit: "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey.
Credit: "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey.
And the survey says ...

A Stockton family's Tuesday performance on "Family Feud" is going down as the biggest fail in the game show's history.

The Sass clan was VERY close -- 18 points away --  to winning $20,000 in the final speed round until Anna Sass stepped up.

Sass, the general manager of a PR agency, told The Huffington Post on Wednesday that the episode was actually shot last year, but its recent broadcast rekindled the memories.

"It brings back all the emotions, the feeling that I had let my family down," she said. "We had a great time and we still laugh about the entire experience." 

Jed May 09, 2014 at 09:57 AM
Five minutes of fame - good or bad.
Tigerlily B. May 14, 2014 at 05:55 PM
I'm sorry but this is just silly to post this... most people probably wouldn't have scored any better than this woman. She guessed three answers that were probably number one on the list, but they were already taken (so it throws you off) and then when he read the question about the loud insect... I could barely understand what he said. Just an unfortunate bunch of questions (with not a lot of easy backup answers) in a row. She's obviously smart!


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