Guerrilla Art Project Hopes to Create and Distribute Art in Non-Traditional Ways

The project is the brainchild of a local artist and art instructor and it’s not about graffiti art.

When we think of guerillas, we think of a small mobile group of fighters that uses military tactics and the element of surprise to go after a traditional fighting force.  Guerrilla art is about a small group of artist creating and distributing art using non-traditional methods every step of the way.

“It either entices or repels people,” said Lorri-Marie Jenkins who came up with the idea and is trying to raise money so she can create a band of like-minded artists for a one-day mission.

“People think it’s about tagging buildings but it’s really about leaving little pieces of art around town,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins is trying to raise $3,000 through Kickstarter, a website where people can go and pledge money to support an art project.  Watch her Kickstarter video to hear an explanation of the project in her own words.

The idea for the project came to Jenkins when she was having an “artists block”.  The block, according to Jenkins is often rooted in fear.  “It can be over whelming,” said Jenkins.  “There is the fear of not making something good enough, fear of no one liking it (the art) to fear of too many people liking it and not having the means to give people what they want.

“What I want is to provide a place for artists to come and collaborate,” said Jenkins.  “The artwork they’ll be creating is something really playful that they will give away.  It’s total freedom to create with no strings attached.”

The money raised for the project will go toward art supplies and food for the artists who will leave at the end of the day with small artworks the can leave anonymously throughout their neighborhoods.

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Lisa Reynolds September 26, 2012 at 04:58 AM
Patch needs a "like" button
Riley Willerson September 27, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Good luck, Times are tuff, but pull out those change jars, lift the sofa seats, money can be found,,,,,, A+ for try'n a new game LM


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