Whole Foods Facebook Post Called Sexist By Some Commenters (PHOTO)

What do you think of this post on Whole Foods Davis's Facebook page? Tell us in the comments.

"It's half past seven, your man is asking what's for dinner. You completely spaced. No worries, we will meet you in the frozen aisle." 

That was shared on the Whole Foods Market Davis Facebook page Monday evening, and it quickly drew dozens of unhappy responses in the comments below the post.

"Why in the world would he be asking me that?" wrote one commenter. "We both work all day -- if he is hungry he knows where the kitchen is. Lol. Meet him there." 

"I'm the cook in the family," wrote another. "It's 2012 not 1955."  

Whole Foods replied to the thread the following morning, after it garnered dozens of similar comments and shares throughout the night. Here's the reply: 

  • Whole Foods Market Davis: This post was certianly not meant to offend anyone. We apologize it if did. Replace "man" in orgional post with "tummy".

Some commenters defended Whole Foods, especially after the post gained a lot of negative attention. 

"You do *not* have to apologize for your post here," wrote one. "The hypersensitive cry-babies have been stuck on themselves for as long as I can remember."

"My wife cooks for me," wrote another. "The horror!!" 

Later Tuesday morning, Whole Foods posted a photo of someone standing in the frozen food aisle (photo above) with two bags of frozen food in hand. The photo had the following caption: "Tripp's picking up fried rice and broccoli beef for his man. Date night any night!" 

One of the earlier comments said this: "Sexist? How? It only says "your man". It never implies that the it is a WOMAN [cooking] for HER MAN. It may be a MAN cooking for HIS MAN. Why are you guys so stuck in the 60's where the world is defined only by relationships between men and women. The majority of this thread is actually homophobic for claiming it's sexist." 

From what we can tell, the thread is no longer visible on the Whole Foods Market Davis wall as of Tuesday morning. 

What do you think of the post? Share your thoughts below? 

Mark Gold December 13, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Oh, good grief, this is not an offensive post. Whole Foods is making a tongue in cheek comment, poking fun at societal norms of the 1950's and 60's, where that statement would have been commonplace. What makes it funny is that it's such an outdated thing to say. It wouldn't have had the same zing and charm had they posted "It's half past seven, your man/woman/partner/spouse/roommate/significant other is asking what's for dinner."
Leandro Seoane December 16, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Congrats on your Food Co-Op. Actually this universe is plentiful and it has enough for people to shop at "WP" as you call it or at your FCO. So let's stop bashing and start sharing. Happy Holidays.
MrsC January 16, 2013 at 10:15 PM
Elisa, to quote you: "Don't shop at Whole Paycheck!!!" Isn't trying to tell people where not to shop a bit self-righteous? Yes, you and those who try to tell people where not to shop have collectively lodged a vicious attack against Whole Foods Market. It is ugly. The people who work there deserve better. To state that I have observed low morale at the Co-Op is not "vicious." It is an observation. The fact that you have written your response to my post the day I wrote about something else you posted, makes you look vindictive. Enough is enough.


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