Wine Shortage May Leave Sippers Dry, Not High

A slowdown of wines produced in Spain, France and Italy is largely to blame.

Wine grapes. Credit: Tomascastelazo/Wikimedia Commons
Wine grapes. Credit: Tomascastelazo/Wikimedia Commons
Are we running out of wine?

An article published this week in The Atlantic suggests we're in the midst of the worst wine shortage in 50 years, and things are only expected to get worse.

According to the article, there was a global need last year for about 300 million more cases of vino to meet the market demand.

The issue? Logically, we're drinking a lot more than we're producing. The per capita consumption in the United States has doubled since the start of the century. China, now the world's 5th largest wine importer, "has doubled its consumption not once, but twice in the past five years."

Meantime, worldwide production has been on a downward trend ever since the early 2000s.  Poor recent grape harvests in Europe have contributed to the problem.


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