Neighbors Helping Neighbors Asks You to Resolve to Volunteer

Faith in Action is a Solano County non-profit organization that provides non-acute, non-medical support services to homebound seniors by matching them with trained volunteers or by linking them to other resources. And they need you.

Faith in Action is a Solano County non-profit organization that provides non-acute, non-medical support  services to homebound seniors by matching them with trained volunteers or by linking them to other resources. In a recent press release they asked locals to resolve to volunteer in the coming year, asking you to keep residents in our area in mind while you read the following poem.

A Volunteer Brightens a Cold December Day

We are getting ready to enter winter, so I’ve been told. Are we really in the 
middle of December? Longer nights lie ahead, my sweaters are losing thread.
I am not so sure that I am quite ready for the cold …
I woke this morning looking for the Sunday paper, yet it was Thursday, 
the paper’s date had shown. The seasons, even the days, you see,
blend all together, when you’re living by yourself, all alone.
I long for a knock at the door. I look to the phone, “Ring just
is interested in taking some time, to talk with me ‘bout my day.
You see, the flowers in my flowerbox have bloomed once 
one of each color for a vase on my table, wishing I could 
 once!” I pray. Let me know that someone, anyone, 
into the saucer as I answered the door. “May I help you?” 
again: brilliant colors, red, yellow, and even pink! I cut 
admire them with someone over tea to drink. 
They are so fragrant, so delicate, so beautiful, so bold! 
Yet there they sit, with just me all alone.
I am not so sure I am ready for the cold . . . 
Suddenly, a rap on the door startled me to no end. I was
 not expecting anyone. It was my imagination, I thought, 
because my heart ached so for a friend. My tea splashed 
I asked, my teacup having just landed on the floor.
 “I am your Faith in Action Volunteer,” this person said with a smile!
 “You said by phone I could stop by to visit, and chat for awhile!” Ah yes, 
I had forgotten, actually I did not want to get my hopes up, but I 
quickly invited the volunteer in, pulling out a second teacup.
 Well, two hours flew by and the volunteer had to go.
Outside, the leaves rustled; a wind began to blow.
The leaves danced behind the moving car of my new volunteer. 
Sitting down again with my flowers, I wiped away a small tear. 
The dusk dimmed the room. I washed the kettle and put it away, 
I looked forward to a restful sleep, not dreading the dawn of a new day. 
You see, when someone is thinking about you, it’s easier facing 
a dark night, and not feel so alone growing old, ‘cause the warm feelings 
of friendship brighten the heart. I am now ready to greet the cold . . . 

Resolve to volunteer with the homebound elderly in 2014! We have a number of opportunities. On-call drivers are especially needed as transportation is our number one request.

Call Louis Souza-
Fuentes at 707-469-6668 for more information.
Faith in Action: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”


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