Climate Change: NOT Security nor Science

Proceedings July 2013 Arctic focus allowed UN 'Climate Change' to creep into the discussion.  November 2013/February 2014, C&D provided "Climate Change' opinion with little fact; conversely, Admirals Hayward, Briggs and Captain Forbes January 2014 "How Hear This" does. 

Americans always rise to a challenge; the Arctic presents one.  'Climate Change" credibility is burdened by fractured information-why?  Here is a clue: 1974, Time Magazine hyped "Global Cooling", morphing to 1990's "Global Warming", then to '2010 Climate Change'.  Oops, did science inadvertently misread tea leaves in forty years?  Perhaps a better unscientific process is to  'follow the money' for truth amidst a kaleidoscope of 'Climate Change' conjecture?

"Climate Change' research from reputable scientists rather than paid mouthpieces or UN-IPCC compromised sources (i.e. 2009 University of East Anglicia debacle) reveal:

(1) Of 117 climate models in the past 39 years, 114 have been significantly in error, based on assessments by Fyfe, Gillett, Zwiers (Nature Climate Change, 9/13, pg 767), a University of Alabama (UofA) study managed by Professor John Christe;

(2) Drs. D. Braswell/ Roy Spencer ( author-NASA Scientist-Earth System Science Center-UofA)  studies indicate 'satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming that climate models show; ... a huge discrepancy between the [actual] data and the [computer-based]forecasts that is especially big over the oceans";

(3) IPCC models exclude satellite data available from 1970 onward, instead are predominately based on stochastic testing, i.e. probability theory;

(4) a 2011 ABC news article using NASA information pointed out "the sun was once 30 percent brighter and hotter than today" while the secret is 'carbon dioxide/greenhouse gasses that, when the sun is cooler, act as a self-regulating system to trap heat when necessary or deposit it in ground as solid carbonate compounds and has done so for some 350 million years", according to astrophysicist D. Brownlee, and;

(5) 1972 Arctic specialist B. Balchen predicted North Pole melting producing ice-free arctic seas by 2000 - now proven wrong, a precursor further modifications  by Rutgers University's Climatologist D. Robinson  2012" prediction" pushing Arctic ice-free conditions to 2050 (Proceeding 7/13).

Examining civilian 'Climate Change' preparations, no Dutch-like dikes are under construction nor levees strengthened.  Coastal cities are planting more housing closer to water.  California AB32 Cap-and-Trade is now the suggested funder of high-speed rail vice sea rise preparation. Climate Change's primary goal is centralizing power and redistribution of wealth-following the money says so!

Navy 'Climate Change' investigation is perhaps just following orders,  ignoring a history of Arctic information from SSN/SSBN 'blue nose' operations, perhaps more than sufficient without squandering resources better used to maintain the systems and personnel.

We would be better served by Navy pursuit of issues relevant to environment, rescue, strategic plans and tactical maneuver based on recognition that  'Climate Change' is Weather, a planetary system of balance.  Studied scientifically for all its elements - droughts, floods, storms, clouds, vapor, sun activity and planetary cycles modulated by volcanic/tectonic activity - would move us far beyond anthropomorphic threat fantasy into a rising sea of actual knowledge and preparedness.  If at any time, real science might like to rise up and do something about the Arctic world, sans  'Climate Change', it would be a refreshing change to the current fiction we are enduring here on the doomed planet. 

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