Good News Items and Stress Free Shopping

It takes a long time to get used to leaving the car at home.

This is a crazy time of year. Seems like a simple announcement to the world, mumbling something about the holidays gets you a pass for any oversight or rudeness.

A couple of good news items: the U.S. Senate has voted to prohibit American citizens and green card holders from being detained in this country indefinitely without trial. Thanks to Senator Feinstein for leading this change. See: http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/Bill-bans-detention-for-legal-residents-4082494.php

The Business Report of the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday, December 10 reports that shareholders are, according to Rakesh Khurana, a Harvard Business School Professor  “pushing against boards who were buffering the CEOs…now investors are telling directors who should be the CEO and how management should run the country.”  http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/Investors-demanding-more-say-over-companies-4103993.php

Twelve years ago, I moved to Benicia, into the marina area. It’s taken me most of that time to truly adjust to living and walking to many things. I lived in the suburbs for years. Getting in the car to go anywhere was automatic—see a friend, go to dinner, to the grocery store, anything. Did you ever notice how many friendly faces you see while driving?

Finally, I gave up my dentist in Lafayette. I walk a half-block to Dr. Jack Elder’s office on D Street. No bridge toll. No leaving 30 minutes ahead. No bridge toll.

Living where I can walk to so many things makes more differences than I could imagine. I like to park my car in the garage and see how many days I can go without using it. I haven’t been doing too well lately.

I recognize many faces in Benicia even though I don’t know the name. People say hello, while drivers see other cars often as intruding on the space they’d intended to use.

I often stand on the corner of Military and East Second and wonder how long it will take  the light to change. Drivers know it stays green for a long time, so if they see the light is green, they speed up to make sure they can make it. It seems way to long to me, but then I’m just standing on the corner.

Did quite a bit of my shopping this year in Benicia. Didn’t even go to one mall! Studio 41 has so many good choices, I have to wander around a long time to decide. So, I also did some online shopping. For a person who doesn’t like to shop, walking in downtown Benicia or sitting at home ordering stuff are the stress free ways to go.


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