Is Sadie Hawkins Day February 29th? Ronna Leon and Benicia Literary Arts

What's appropriate in a semi-public space?

Congratulations to Ronna Leon, Benicia poet laureate, who has more than just literary talent. She won the contest for the cover art on the new anthology, Sign of the Times, which will be out in April. The work was judged anonymously. Thirty-one poets are published in the book, which will be publicly celebrated on Saturday, April 28th from 2-4 p.m. at the Benicia Library.

This will be the first published work by the newly formed Benicia Literary Arts. Since other artists have visibility and support in Benicia, it’s good to see the literary arts getting some attention. BLA’s purpose is to support writers at every level: in the development stage through writer’s groups, through education and events where writers can showcase their work, and through publishing works that are deemed quality work.

Along with poets from those who meet the first Tuesday of every month at the library, BLA is sponsoring a poetry reading at on Sunday, March 25th from 3-5 p.m.

Recently, in the big, soft-chair side of , I’ve noticed some changes. For awhile it was filled with men holding forth on…everything. The other day, four people around me were deep into books or deep into sleep. An employee woke one of them up. I suppose it’s a problem for a coffee place who wants the public to come in, buy something, and stay…well, awhile. That part is pretty open. Apparently some people weren’t buying anything and sometimes were bringing things to eat they’d bought at other places. I gather the staff doesn’t like dealing with this. A friend who was drinking coffee there said that he kicked another person out because the guy brought food from another business, hooked up his computer, and went outside to smoke—something else that’s inappropriate and illegal, apparently within a “reasonable” distance from the doorway of the business.

I called to ask about it, but the employee who answered didn’t want to talk once I told her who I was. She did say that they will wake a person who falls asleep, but if the person is just sitting there, not doing anything, employees pretty much let them be.

So, this isn’t the biggest problem in the panoply of issues our world wakes up with every day. I’ll tackle those tomorrow.

No, February 29th isn’t Sadie Hawkins Day, but there’s a similarity: the tradition goes back to the Fifth Century that this is the day women can ask a man to marry them. Anyone you are going to get in touch with today, ladies?

RidinLow February 29, 2012 at 09:54 PM
This Starbucks seems very kind to the community, regulars that spend long periods of time after a purchase. I can understand Starbucks not appreciating a customer purchasing other food, drink items elsewhere and then hunkering in with their Laptop, Book, or for a nap
Robert Livesay March 01, 2012 at 03:44 PM
go to the library
"The Black Panther of Poetry" April 25, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Citizens of Benicia as quietly as its' kept you are no different than most of America. YOU DO HAVE A HOMELESS PROBLEM!!! But Starbucks is a great community business in Benicia. SITTING OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN AT STARBUCKS IN BENICIA WITH JUAN VALDEZ I see people and cars go by It's a well lit sky They Interrupt my train of thought Now the wind is blowing hard and all of a sudden the rain is fast and slanted   Selfishly my goal is not to surpass This feeling of nirvanna that is perculating within me Allowing myself to continue to sit in the rain As though I am Invincible enjoying this one-ness that I feel or should I say this one bean at a time-ness.   My imperfections dictates to me that which I am not My perfections over-rules and pave the way for sober truth and sometimes caffeinated thoughts   I instruct my spirit and soul as if I have the golden ticket The barista is fading now. Quick !!! I must finish this coffee before it’s cold before it’s dawn and the sky is full like thickets, and Starbucks hasn’t taken my soul On this rainy day at Starbucks allegiance, I do pledge To all coffee drinkers, the homeless, the disposessed and especially to the Godfather of Baristas’ Juan Valdez


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