UPDATE: Retired Law Enforcement Officer says "I felt I had to get involved"

John Sheveland, a long time Benicia resident and 38-year law enforcement veteran wasn't looking for trouble when he went to the Southampton Shopping Center.

Before moving to Benicia, John Sheveland spent 25 and a half years as a street cop in San Francisco. That stint was followed by time with the Solano County Marshall Office, Marin County Sheriff Department, and Solano Community College Police. "It sounds like I'm a rookie," he laughs "but I don't like bad guys."

According to early reports and his own account, on Wednesday, June 27, Sheveland chased a male suspect out of Raley's after a violent confrontation with a second suspect inside the store. The second suspect, a woman is accused of stealing wallets from other store patrons. The suspect Sheveland chased allegedly took the purse that contained the stolen wallets and jumped in his car to leave.

When Sheveland approached the car, he identified himself as a police officer, placing his badge against the window. The suspect then hit him with the vehicle as he backed out of the parking space knocking Sheveland to the ground. Sheveland then fired his revolver twice at the oncoming vehicle, rolling out of it's path just in time. Both shots hit the vehicle. 

As a law enforcement officer, Sheveland fired his weapon four times in the line of duty. "I'm not a gun-happy cowboy," Sheveland said. "Each time was a justified shooting and determined as a justified shooting." The incident in Benicia was the fifth time he fired his weapon "in the line of duty."

"I've been trained for 40 years with a gun," Sheveland said. "I don't look for situations... that happened (June 27th) escalated far enough where I felt I had to get involved." Sheveland asserted that, "if it was simply a verbal conflict, I would have walked away." 

According to Lt. Frank Hartig of the , unlike an incident with an active officer who discharges his fire arm, "there is no administrative review, there's not a governing agency," for situations involving retired officers. Ultimately, Hartig said, "at some point (Sheveland's) retiring agency could request a copy of the report to review to make sure he was in compliance with their requirements."

At the time of the incident, Benicia Police Department checked Sheveland's identification card and found that he meets the statutory compliance to carry a firearm. "We referred the report to the District Attorney's office, and will let the District Attorney review the report in totality to determine if anything should be done regarding (Sheveland)," Hartig said.

Robert Livesay July 14, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Elaine you are rising to the top. I love your very concerned comments. You do care about people and understand a man of Valor. It seems others do not. Wait till they need him. They will change their mind. I do believe we need some T-Shirts to wear around town in support of our hero. Donate all proceeds to keep the State Park open. Now that is a good idea.
JC July 14, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Robert, I apologize for any confusion with my prior post. My computer was having issues with patch.com - resulting in a huge delay betwoon keystrokes, and what actually showed up on screen. Anyways..... The Comment was meant to be directed toward Mr Shevland. It was my error by addressing it with your name. And you should feel free to comment in any way you wish, in this forum. It was Mr. Shevland, that probably should have avoided becoming part of the discussion. I'm not going to name the Bpd Seargeant I was referring to - Don't feel like receiving a slander or defamation (spelling?) charge. And due to the retalitory nature of police officers, it probably best that I stay a bit of a mystery. (continued)
JC July 14, 2012 at 03:06 AM
I will reveal the fact that I am no where near a criminal. I've volunteered 100's of hours, assisting the City of Benicia- and have even received a "Thank you" letter from the Mayor, for assisting with a situation - years ago. Enough said. Sorry again, Mr Livesay. (Hopefully my prior comment will make a bit more sense - if you realize that it was actually directed toward Mr Shevland) It was Mr Shevlands comment... "The second shot was into the passengers door. Understand now?????" That still did not make sense.
RJ Stewart July 14, 2012 at 03:07 AM
One can be thought of as brave and a man of valor for getting involved in apprehending a "suspect." At the same time one may be categorized as somewhat careless for unnecessarily discharging a firearm at a fleeing car with bystanders around. Stealing a wallet and trying to get away warrants deadly force? I will admit however if it were my wallet being stolen I would want Mr. Sheveland around but based on his marksmanship I would want to be behind him.
Michael Randolph September 13, 2012 at 09:18 PM
The good Officer in question, should just go ahead and ONLY protect himself and his family. Let the above cry babies wished they had this type of Officer around when they need help. Just think if an Officer (Ret.) had their weapon when the shooting started in that movie theater back east, maybe the outcome would be different. Just think if an Officer (Ret) had their weapon when the Congress Lady and others were shot in AZ, maybe the outcome would be different. Carrying a weapon is a valued responsibility, using it to protect and help citizens when you are not even an active Officer is valorous.


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