Crow Infected with West Nile Virus Found in Vallejo

Solano County Mosquito Abatement District will set traps in the area if the weather cooperates.

While the number of cases of West Nile virus are up 40 percent nationwide in the past week, Solano County has not seen any significant increase. 

“We haven’t seen an upsurge in the past week,” said Solano County Mosquito Abatement District Manager Jon Blegen.  “Our mosquito counts have been really low this year.”

An article published today in the Washington Post cites the Center for Disease Control, and says there have been 1,590 cases of West Nile virus reported in the U.S. human population this year.

Acccording to Blegen, 19 Solano County birds have tested positive for the virus.  The most recently discovered infected bird discovery was found in this week in Vallejo.

“The bird was picked up Monday (August 27) and tested on Tuesday,” said Belger on Wednesday afternoon.  “We’ll do trapping tomorrow night.” 

According to Blegen if there is too much wind they won’t do any trapping.

Mosquito trapping is done in areas where infected birds are found.   So far this year three batches of trapped mosquitos have tested positive for the virus.

Strategies To Avoid Infection

According to Solano County public health officials, the best way to avoid becoming infected with the virus is to avoid mosquitos.  The county website lists the five D’s of prevention.

Do you worry about West Nile virus?

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Joe Feltcher August 30, 2012 at 12:09 AM
"Solano County Mosquito Abatement District will set traps in the area if the weather cooperates." Uh really? Seems to me that the weather is looking fine for the next week at least. It's August for Christ's sake. Are they expecting a freaking nor-easter? Get out there and set the damn traps you lazy idiots!
Jodie cam November 15, 2012 at 05:20 AM
I have been seeing A LOT more mosquitos around our home lately... I mean A LOT of mosquitos. No standing water....so more sure why they are do rampant right now. They seem to be a different type of mosquito than what we normally have to. They just hang out side out doors just waiting to get in. Crazy


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