New School Board Considers New Sports Complex

BUSD School Board considers updated dated sports complex at BHS.

The two most recently elected School Board Members were sworn in at the (BUSD) meeting December 8th.  Newly elected board member and reelected board member took the Oath of Office administered by John Galvan of the Solano Board of Education before a crowded Board room that included teachers, parents, principals and students.

Board Member , who unseated in the November election, briefly shared to spotlight with his daughter Heidi who was also in attendance to give the student report for Benicia High School. Later, Trustee Wing said, “I’m glad I have an opportunity to sit up here and look at the issues and solutions for the School District.”

After cake and well wishes, the Board continued with it’s regular business electing Trustee once again as Board President, and Trustee as Board Clerk.

Later in the meeting, Chief Business Official for the District Tim Rahill gave a report from the Benicia Community Sports Complex Steering Committee.  According to committee members, the current grass field-dirt track facility is in such poor condition, that it is virtually unusable. “Many if not most would say that those facilities are dated,” Rahill said. “Benicia High School is one of the last districts in the area to (not) have an all weather field...I think it’s safe to say the need is there”. 

A new all weather field would require less maintenance, and could be used to collect rain water that would then be used to water other landscape and fields on the campus. In addition to an all weather field, the Committee is also proposing a new track, bleachers, canteen, team rooms, restrooms and equipment storage.

It is estimated that such a sports complex would cost the district approximately $7 million.  With a looming deficit, Board members were quick to promote the potential project as a community investment. 

“I would encourage the subcommittee to look very closely at the Valero Good Neighbor Steering Committee Funds…this particular project isn’t a school project it’s a community project.” Trustee said.  She went on to ask, “Who is the greatest user of that field? It’s probably the City of Benicia and the citizens of Benicia, not the high school students. So any funding that comes from the Valero Good Neighbor Steering Committee Grant is going to benefit every single person in the City of Benicia.”

A special meeting will be scheduled to further discuss possible funding strategies for the Sports Facility project.

"The Black Panther of Poetry" December 11, 2011 at 08:42 PM
Good Looking out for our kids and the community Andre Stewart and Gary Wing. Great ideal, hope it goes through!!!
John Galvan December 12, 2011 at 04:13 PM
I could support this as a community project...a large task, but the lights were community driven and given the athletic complex could be used year round by every aspect of the community, it would be an appropriate project for us to take on. I'm in
Barry Navellier December 13, 2011 at 04:24 AM
Benicia High just added a JV softball field @ Mary Farmer School that is not regulation size. The reply from the administration was the minimum field size is just a recommendation and it was ok to spend the $ 25,000 on a field that is a sub-standard size. I hope that the district will put more research into a new track before someone decides that it is ok to make the track a 100 feet short so it fits better.


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