Who Are the Top Political Cash Contributors from Benicia?

Compared to 2008, the 94510 is donating a lot less money to politicians and PACs this election cycle.

When the last polls close on November 6, the Republicans and the Democrats will have raised between them nearly $2 billion in the race for the White House. To date, Benicia's contribution to that ocean of money has been around $51,000. In 2008, $110,836 in contributions to federal races came from the 94510 zip code.

According to Open Secrets, a non-partisan group that tracks money in politics, 78 percent of the top contributions in 2012 from Benicia went to Democrats.

What do you think? Is money corrosive to our political system, or is cash a legitimate form of political speech, deserving of the same protections and freedoms extended to other types of discourse.  

Search the Open Secrets database for the names of specific donors.  

Listed below are the top 10 contributions from 94510 during the 2012 cycle. Contributer Recipient Occupation Amount Date CARDWELL, CHRIS DNC Services Corp INFORMATION REQUESTED $5000 9/26/2011 KELLY, MARY F DNC Services Corp Information Requested $3108 10/11/2012 WALLACE, BRUCE Silicon Valley Bank SVB FINANCIAL GROUP $3000 4/10/2012 CARDWELL, CHRIS Obama, Barack (D) INFORMATION REQUESTED $2500 9/26/2011 FEATHERER, BOB MR Perry, Rick (R) RETIRED $2500 10/25/2011 FEATHERER, DELORES MRS Perry, Rick (R) RETIRED $2500 10/25/2011 CARDWELL, CHRIS Obama, Barack (D) INFORMATION REQUESTED $2500 9/26/2011 WALLACE, BRUCE F Silicon Valley Bank SILICON VALLEY BANK/CHIEF OPERATION $2000 3/18/2011 GRAVES, HEATHER Singleton, Marilyn M (I) NONE $1000 9/29/2011 Craft, George S Obama, Barack (D) Information Requested $1000 9/28/2012 Source: Open Secrets


Listed below are the top 10 recipients of money from 94510 during the 2012 cycle. Recipient Amount Obama, Barack (D) $24362 DNC Services Corp $9108 Perry, Rick (R) $5000 Silicon Valley Bank $5000 Romney, Mitt (R) $4969 Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 104 $2128 Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn/Dist 1 $1350 Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $1337 Miller, George (D) $1300 American Fuel & Petrochem Manufacturers $1000 Source: Open Secrets
Robert Livesay November 01, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Five to one Liberals over Conservatives. Why does that not surprise me.


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