School District Looks At Election Year Changes Tonight

The Benicia Unified School District could save money by moving its election years to line up with state elections, according to reports.

It's not a change that will necessarily be obvious on campus, but the the Benicia School Board is considering a move that could save the district thousands of dollars.

The school board meets Thursday at 7 p.m., following a closed session meeting, to consider moving its elections to even years in order to piggyback on state elections.

The city of Benicia is also considering moving its election years to line up with state elections. The premise is that by combining with state ballots, the school district and city of Benicia would save money and increase voter turnout. There would be an initial expense when officials send out notices of the change in election years, but after that, there is an expected savings since city and district elections would appear on the same ballot as state elections.

A forecast of expected costs and saving over the next two election cycles, provided by the Benicia Unified School District, indicates the district could save close to $50,000 by moving its election years. The savings depends largely on whether or not other school districts in Solano County also move their election years.

More immediately, current school board trustees whose terms are supposed to end in November would have their terms extended to 2014.


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Aaron Nowling February 22, 2013 at 04:08 PM
Local governmental should do all they can to save money. After all a school district savings of $50,000 could be better spent on educational rather than an election.
rob pearson February 26, 2013 at 06:35 PM
What is wrong with you believers? Who said we are definitely going to save any money by changing our voting years?Nobody knows this to be true! Does anyone else want to try and get another free year added to their term? This is just another political scam to spend money with a maybe we will save some. Do not believe it. You do know the old saying about if something seems too good to be true?


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