All Fireworks Banned in Benicia

Benicia Fire Department sends out reminder about holiday fireworks safety.

In case you missed the signs posted around town, sent out a reminder Monday that all fireworks are banned in Benicia.  

Fireworks fall into two categories, "dangerous" and "safe and sane." Common characteristics of "dangerous" fireworks include the ability to burn independently and explode and travel (airborne or horizontally). "Safe and sane" fireworks include items such as sparklers.  

Although all fireworks are banned in Benicia, "safe and sane" fireworks are legal in some neighboring communities.

The message sent out by BFD includes a reminder that fireworks are not toys, and that a "study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 65 percent of all firework injuries in 2011 were sustained during the 30 days surrounding the Independence Day holiday. According to the CPSC, an estimated 9,600 consumers were injuried by fireworks."


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