Shirocos Fusion Decor
If you're looking for an unusual shopping experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then knock on Shiroco's Fusion Decor door. Freedom is the keyword at Shirocos. It's a mix of gourmet food, Home Gifts, Awesome Bath products, and art.  So to speak, Shirocos is a free state of sensual experiences. It's hard to explain exactly what that is: you have to experience it yourself. Shirocos is all about creative freedom. It's a particular atmosphere -every time is different- and a special place where people can let themselves go. Have fun, taste, listen, ask questions and enjoy your shopping experience.. Nothing is obligatory. Everything's possible. Be yourself and anything can happen to you, at Shirocos Fusion Decor. !Modern Lines, Natural Materials, Original, Artisanal, Well-Designed, Authentic, Inspired. Visit us @ http://SHIROCOS.COM 415-734-6509.. Benicia, San Francisco, Napa.
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