Free Reception Bark! Group Exhibition and Solo Show for Alex Reisfar

Alex Reisfar
Alex Reisfar
oin us for a thrilling evening of art as well celebrate man's best friend. This February The John Natsoulas Center for the Arts welcomes the return of the fifth annual dog show, Bark! honoring human’s best friend. The show features larger than life depictions of two and three-dimensional dogs in every medium, making the show the most diverse exhibition of dog imagery in the country. Pieces created out of glass, clay, wood, oil paint, ceramic, assemblage, multi-medium, wax, metal, bronze, and integrated art forms are all included within the show. 
Dogs are beloved by many artists and art lovers for their connotation with fidelity, loyalty, and companionship. But more than that in these more recent interpretations artists have redefined the dog in such a way that brings to mind humanity. In Rene Martucci’s ceramic piece, Pillow Dog, there is a certain way the resting dog’s eyes bring to mind a level of emotional communication generally associated with human psyche. It is as if a person was turned into dog and is expressing content with its new lifestyle. The wandering spirit of an explorer is expressed in Kanna Aoki’s painting, Me and My Shadow. The long narrow shadow stretches out dragging on to undiscovered places, hinting at adventure. Other pieces by Carmen Lang explore the joy shared by humans and dogs alike and the pieces only get more exciting.

Alex Reisfar will be returning to Davis with his spectacular solo exhibition of surreal paintings. A can't miss visual feast for the eyes and senses.

Meet the artists, see over three floors of art, and mingle with fellow art lovers. 

Reception is Free and we welcome all four legged and two legged friends.
News Mouse Again February 27, 2014 at 04:18 PM
I'm sorry when and where is this? I'd like to share this information with others but need a date, time and location please. Thanks!! : )


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