The Friday Poem: The Beaches in My thoughts

Each Friday Benicia Patch will publish an original poem. If you would like to submit your own poem please send it to benicia@patch.com.

The Beaches in My Thoughts by R. D. Johnson

The beaches in my
thoughts, existing
warm and wet outside
the hotel window,
sudden rain spreading
its ancient veins on
the sliding-glass
dripping its blue eyes
to watch;

     That sheets will curve
into pieces of the absolute,
leave hanging forms in the air,
moist and unconcerned,
our lives bend to be
so lonely. inconsequential.

     Two bodies find the
filtered light,
tattooed with
magnified lines-
and in breaths writhe
and in very quiet
chattering the world
goes on outside.

     Reality is instantaneous
here, the tip of a tongue
on the lobe of an ear-
oh Christine exhale any
feeling into me so I can
remember the memory.

Here is a commentary on the poem by Benicia Patch poetry maestro Jeff Burkhart:

Today's poem strikes a particularly familiar chord in my heart and in my mind. It is titled "The Beaches in My Thoughts", and was written by R.D. Johnson. I met Mr. Johnson the other day at Lucca's Bar. I introduced myself because I noticed he was alone and was writing in a journal. This is a situation I find myself in all the time but it was somehow surprising to see someone else alone and writing poetry in a bar. I felt like Robinson Crusoe seeing another human being’s footprint in the sand on a deserted island. In my career, I traveled around the world lighting concerts. This may sound glamorous but there were many hours and days spent alone looking out hotel windows dreaming of far away, familiar places and moments of intimacy and companionship. So dear readers, release yourself to the strong imagery borne of the melancholy of solitude in this piece.


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